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CuddleMe Infant Insert

CuddleMe Infant Insert

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CuddleMe Infant Insert
Combination of CuddleMe Ergonomics Carrier with the Infant Insert enables you to buy only one carrier that will assist your through all the stages of your baby’s growth. The Infant Insert is a specially padded and shaped cushion that can be quickly and easily placed in the carrier and readjusted as needed. Your infant is then held in a cozy, protected environment close to your heart, as well as in an ergonomically correct and naturally supported position. This is best for the baby’s physical development from newborn to between 4 – 5 months. Parents can remain attentive to their baby’s needs and at the same time continue daily activities.
The Infant Insert has an optional closure strap to secure smaller infants (approximately 3 kgs), or infants that prefer to be more tightly swaddled. DO NOT, under any circumstances, use the strap as a handle to carry your baby in the Infant Insert.

Please observe the following precautions:
• When learning to place your baby in the carrier, do so over a bed or other soft surface, ideally with the help of another person.
• The Infant Insert should be used in the front carry position ONLY.
• For general information and detailed instructions for the front carry position, please refer to the instructions for your CuddleMe Ergonomics Carrier.

Do NOT leave your baby unattended in the Infant Insert .

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