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CuddleMe Nursing Cape Blue Combi

CuddleMe Nursing Cape Blue Combi

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Indulge breastfeeding moment for mom and baby with style by using 100% silky spandex fabric that cover 360 degree area of sight. No more worries when breastfeeding.

When going out , shopping, having lunch with friend with baby, as a struggling breastfeeding mom there must be a feeling of anxiety.
"When my baby will start feeling hungry?" or "how if my baby starting to cry in an unfamiliar place?"

That's why CuddleMe have created Nursing Cape that is cute, pretty and very suitable for a mom like you. With a large neck line, round collar strengthen with boning for easier eye contact with baby, easy to wear, really looks like usual clothes, you don't have to worry anymore about breastfeeding anywhere anytime.

Not only to be weared inside nursing room, you can even use it in mall, restaurant, park, during your pumping time and makes you feel relieve that none can even see you from your back

Using 100% silky spandex fabric that is light, soft, flowy, and stretchable, it can be used for the long time and proudly made in Indonesia

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